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I am an artist, musician, poet, & alchemist...


My inspiration comes through my visions, breakthroughs, dreams, shamanic exploration and observation of  natural patterns...


The paintings are fractal, psychedelic and representative of life, always painted in free flow.


Each piece, traditional, digital or musical is like a gateway, bringing you on a journey to many hidden dimensions within. Created with the intention of reminding you of your essence, a child of God, created perfect and beautiful...


My mission, to inspire you to find the creator within yourself, and let it free !!!


If you feel like getting in touch about purchasing original art, high quality reproductions or anything else feel free to fill out this form and I will answer you as soon as possible. 

Thank you !!!

All of my pieces are available in high quality prints. Here are the prices.


Epson Semi Matte 260g/m2

15x22         20$

20x30        30$

30x45       50$

40x60       80$

60x90      160$

Canvas Matte 395g/m2

15x22        50$

20x30      80$

30x45      130$

40x60     160$

60x60     200$

60x90     250$

+ 25 $ shipping